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Welcome to Northwind Yachting Greece

Northwind Yachting & Travel Ltd is a Belgian - Greek business that was established on Rhodes Island (Greece) in 2017 as a young, dynamic and multi-lingual Yachting Company. We are always motivated to keep the highest standards, from our very popular budget cabin cruises to our first class private yacht charters completely tailored to your own wishes! We own the only two Greek flagged gulets in Rhodes, Greece, called Northwind and VGO. Start dreaming about your holidays now!

Sleeping on Board

One of the great pleasures a boater can enjoy is sleeping on board. Listen to the calming sound of the Mediterranean Sea and wake up to the most amazing sunrises!

Discovering amazing Greek Islands

Greece is a traditional destination for relaxing under the Mediterranean sun, enjoying food and sea. Cruising by gullet is the best way to explore the Greek islands. Our gullets dock right in the village ports, where guests can walk on and off the boat at their own pace.

Cruises to Greek Islands

Crystal-clear waters and countless bays, stunning islands and the short distances between them, picturesque harbours, the possibility of fishing, diving, snorkelling… We’ll show you some places that will make you feel like a local!

Enjoying the Scenery

Sit back and enjoy the changing scenery & listen to the calming sound of waves gently lapping against the hull.










greece cabin charters

Rhodes Harbour

Boarding after 16:00, dinner & overnight in Rhodes New Marina.

greece cabin charters

Rhodes - Nanou Bay - Symi

Between 10:00-13:00, after formalities and taking fuel, we cruise towards Symi, one of the Dodecanese islands and a real gem, one of the most beautiful little islands in all of Greece.
We enjoy lots of swimming today in beautiful Nanou Bay!
Afterwards, around 16:00, we cruise to Symi port. Please have your camera ready for wonderful images of this small fairy-tale like Greek village.
Your dinner will be served on board, but if you wish to dine ashore by yourselves, please inform the captain in advance. All of the traverna’s on Symi are very tempting and the captain will understand your choice.
Dinner and overnight.

greece cabin charters

Symi - St George Bay - Panormitis - Pedi

Today, we leave from Symi port after breakfast between 09:00-10:00. We will stop for lunch, swimming and relaxing in one of the beautiful bays around the island, at St George bay or one of the many other bays.
After this, around 16:00, we will cruise towards Panormitis, located in the southern part of Symi.
You can visit the Monastery of the Archangel Michael Panormitis. This is a Greek Orthodox monastery built in the early 18th century, and still inhabited by monks. It is visited by people from all over the world, and many Greeks pay homage to St Michael of Panormitis each year. (Loud) Music is not allowed here. If the sea conditions are not optimal, we might have to cancel Panormitis and go to Pedi instead.
Dinner and overnight.

greece cabin charters

Symi - Takrogiali Bay - Tilos

We cruise towards Tilos after breakfast today, between 09:00-10:00.
Tilos is surrounded by high and rocky mountains, steep coasts, beaches with transparent waters and caves. We will enjoy the day at Takrogiali Bay. Late afternoon, around 16:00, we will enter Tilos harbour so that you can stretch your legs again and walk around the little town. In the centre of the island, there is an abandoned village on the top called Mikro Chorio (reachable by taxi or bus). You can also go there in the evening to have a drink in the bar.
Dinner and overnight.

greece cabin charters

Tilos - Trakhia Bay - Chalki Port

Today, we cruise to the beautiful island of Chalki north-west from Rhodes. Depending on the sea conditions, we will start cruising before or after breakfast (between 06:00 and 10:00).
Not much developed in tourism, this is a perfect destination for peace and privacy.
Chalki is a lovely island famous for its crystal beaches. We enjoy the day at Trakhia Bay or in one of the other beautiful bays here.
In the late afternoon, around 16:00, we cruise to Nimporio which is the only village and main port of the island. The beach promenade of Nimporio is lined up with cafeterias and taverns. The church is worth visiting. There is a mass between 19:30-20:00. Dinner and overnight.

greece cabin charters

Chalki Port - Anthony Quinn Bay - Kalithea Beach

Today, we have an early start towards Rhodes Island. Breakfast will be on the way or upon arrival at Anthony Quinn Bay, depending on weather conditions. The beach here is known by the actor's name since he bought this part of the island when filming "The Guns of Navarone".
Afterwards, we cruise to Kalithea where we will spend the rest of the day.
Dinner and overnight.

greece cabin charters

Kalithea Beach - Rhodes Port

Today, between 09:00-10:00, we make our way back to the New Marina in Rhodes.
Free day to visit one of the best preserved medieval towns in the world and a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site.
Dinner and overnight in Rhodes New Marina.

greece cabin charters

Rhodes Disembarkation

Enjoy your last delicious Mediterranean breakfast on board.
Your cruise comes to an end. Disembarkation in Rhodes at 09:00.


Daily route and schedule for the cruise, stops, places we will visit and daily routines on board.


What is included and what is not included during your cruise with Northwind Yachting?


Places that you will visit during your cruise, Legal information and Meeting points.



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8 Cabins


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First time on a yacht. Definitely the best holiday ever!

by Harry H. | 06 Aug, 2018

How satisfied were you with your cruise in general? Beyond satisfied! We had a great crew and an awesome group of people. How satisfied were you with the following aspects of your cruise? The Yacht: 10/10... way better than expected :) The given information: Great... the crew gave all the information needed. The food: Outstanding, great variety with Mediterranean authenticity. The crew: Very hard working, helpful, super friendly. The program: Fantastic, felt so relaxed! Other Comments or advice: Outstanding, loved it. How did you get in contact with us? Instagram @vgo_yachting

So far the best holiday we had! Highly recommended.

by Amanda D. | 21 Aug, 2018

We cruised with Northwind in July 2018. Great boat! Perfect size for our group of 15 people! I could not recommend this crew enough! They went above and beyond for all passengers. The food was amazing - the chef needs a pay increase. We were well informed about location and activities. Beautiful sights and swim spots. We loved Symi! We took a taxi to the Old Town in Rhodes on our free day, stunning place. We had a great time, thank you and we will see you again next year!

Amazing cruise, small group of people and so much fun!

by Eric F. | 18 Jul, 2018

So chilled and relaxing. Great mix of relax, swim, sightseeing and fun. Floaties, snorkelling equipment and a canoe was provided by the company. VGO was clean and spacious, cabins were great with private bathrooms. Even though we had air conditioning, we chose to sleep under the stars most of the time, loved it! The food was amazing, good selection of vegetables, meats and pasta every day. Delicious breakfast. Loved every meal. Thanks cook! The Turkish and Greek crew were fantastic. Attention to detail was perfect. They were friendly and efficient. Thank you for the most wonderful week!

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